1. NickyfromNL

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Frequently Asked Questions Welcome to the "Help related questions" section of the forums. This is the platform for players to have their questions answered and doubts clarified. This post contains the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Before asking a question in this section please look...
  2. _Asuna_Weeb_

    How to use custom Title?

    Hi there people! Im about to buy a Title for skyblock but I don't know how to use it because its gonna be a custom Title. I would love somebody to reply on this thread and help me out Bye!
  3. i_am_kingclutch3

    How to put custom endings

    I have seen a lot of people with an image or a text at ending of his post and i want to know how to do it too
  4. ahmad2000

    /Kit Keys Cooldown In The Faction!!

    Hi @Everyone @Adro @Martin1 @Elise1886 @aXed As known the Kit Keys it has been added to the SHOP, and this is the newest kit and it's amazing kit, and it's cooldown {7 days } it's certainly a Fair time in all servers except these servers... Faction Also Faction And Also Faction Because as...
  5. F

    What's going on creative ?

    Is there a reset or ? I can't go to creative since 2-3 days, any information or help ?
  6. Y

    2016 Creative Gamemode Players

    If anyone here that is still active who started playing in 2016 and played Creative Gamemode, i need help. So i've been digging trying to find my old friend who we used to play on Creative mode. This might give you idea of that time (if you are willing to help): It was back when you can change...
  7. RpgZombieCM

    How the heck do coloured signs work on SB

    I really dont understand how they work (im using 12.2 if that makes a difference) i have VIP rank i think i should be able to write coloured signs, so can someone just explain how they work or maybe link a tutorial or something. thanks in advance -P.S Gucci Gang
  8. S

    Help Forgotten Password

    I have forgotten my guild craft password and i have made a support ticket however, no one is replaying it has been 4 days. So, Please Help
  9. deejay1111

    Severe Lag Spikes Getting Ridiculous

    I've posted about this before on forums and I thought it was resolved but turns out i was just getting online at the right times when the spikes weren't happening. So my problem is I live in NA, East Coast and for about 12 hours out of the day my ping just spikes from 400-1k and does not go back...
  10. FlamingPyro

    Is GC getting attacked?

    Starting around 1:40 UTC, Most if not all players seems to have been disconnected to the server without any way of relogging. Around 2:26 UTC the server came back and went down again at approximately 2:39 UTC. Whats stranger this time though is there seems to be a constant number of 92 players...
  11. AgentDashTwo

    I need help

    So i came back to Minecraft after 3 years (maybe more). Yes i have been on this server multiple times before and now i'm not sure what to do. Due to the multiple times i can't login because i used a bunch of random names i hardly remember now and the server only allows 3 accounts. What do i do?
  12. TheLegend2861

    Can i see the time spent on the server?

    I am playing on Guild Craft for hours(Thats the only minecraft server i play on) but can i see my time spent on the server? And if i can how to see it? If someone know can i and how please tell me.
  13. TheLegend2861

    Why /hdb don't work?Will it be fixed?

    I bought Artist rank on creative and it says access to /hdb When i type /hdb it says That some error occured while performing that action(something like that) Will it be fixed soon or it is just a bug that is not working?
  14. TheLegend2861

    I cant use world edit help pls

    I was playing creative and i was building and i got kicked then i joined again and used wooden axe for world edit but nothing happens i tried using //wand //set but nothing happens. Do you have this kind of problem? Help PLS!!
  15. TheLegend2861

    Why i can only have 3 profiles in one IP?

    I forgot my password on the last 2 accounts(I dont need them anymore) but what happens if i forgot my password to my last account(TheLegend2861) can i get it back?
  16. TheLegend2861

    The server ping is high(or my internet is slow)

    When i play on creative i lose blocks or builds. I can break blocks in another plot and the blocks come back again. When i press tab my internet connection is great(Green) Is someone else having this problem?
  17. TheLegend2861

    What are the ranks i can apply for?

    I know that i can apply for Builder rank but that is the only rank i see in Some ranks(Kocoski is Moderator in Creative) said that i need 30 forum posts and my account to be 1 week old. I want to know what are all the ranks i can apply for?
  18. TheLegend2861

    Why i cant post a new thread on Rules

    I want to post a new tread with something about rules and i cant it says (You have insufficient privileges to post here.) How can i get privileges??
  19. A

    Register problems

    I tried like, a million times to register but it says: You can only have up to three accounts per ip. The way I tried to register is this: /register (my password) (my password) I still cannot register to the server.Please help me solve my problem. And when I enter the server does the screen need...
  20. suGpra

    Stuck in creative need help

    I am stuck in a nether portal on the creative server ,on coordinates x=-25898 y=56 z=-18386 .I cannot open chat because I am in the portal and the portal is surrounded by blocks which i cant break.