1. RafeMonzz


    Today in skywars , I saw a guy block-bridging while sprinting and mad reach. And the game after that had a guy with killauru. gg My freind took a screenie , but the resolution wansnt enough to see his/her name.
  2. totalEclipse124

    KitPvp Fly hacker

    Hacker Name: CFGAMERS
  3. W


    Name of offender: Mix_gamer+051_yt Name of offense: kill aura Server: eggwars, guildcraft Date and time: 7th May, 2017 Evidence: VIDEO ATTACHED link-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB1sYn6SD0A&feature=youtu.be
  4. NatsuDragneelYT


    Guys you get the feeling that every game on egg wars has hackers?
  5. iAngelHD

    [Anni] WaterWalking

    Name of offender: Sebaspkms1600 Name of offense: WaterWalk/Anti-KB Server: Annihilation Date and time: 4/12/17 Evidence:
  6. M

    oTraxyz AntiKB

    Name of offender: oTraxyz Name of offense: AntiKb Server: PracticePvp Date and time: 07/04/2017 2:38AM Evidence: Please respond to this real quick! <3
  7. 7mood_88


    player name : noooooob_gamer HACK : fight bot date : 6-4-2017 server : egg wars
  8. infernoplayer211

    High jump & Reach Hacks hacker! [EggWars]

    When i played on the flower map the map was bugged and it didn't reset i found a hacker named LeetThePanic2 i found him jumping like 7 blocks high and even reach hacking killing us and acting like a non-hacker but recently i got a picture on him doing the high jump.
  9. Matthieu

    Report against xXWentPvPXx

    Name of offender: xXWentPvPXx Name of offense: Hacking, anti-knockback Server: Skywars Date and time: 13-2 (i dont know the time anymore) Evidence: Youtube video: minute: 9:09
  10. Matthieu

    Report against Tenma

    Name of reporting player: Tenma Server: Skywars Date and time: 12-3 13:36 Evidence: Tenma is flying and using anti-knockback
  11. DreamWizzard_95

    hacker kitpvp (anti-kb)

    Name of offender: Look in the video Name of offense: Using a hacked client (killaura and anti knockback, obviously antiknockback killaura might not be noticed easily in video) Server: Kit pvp Date and time:4-3-2017 21:25 Evidence:
  12. VortLight

    [Prison] Killaura Fire_super_gold

  13. Potatohost

    SkyBlock hacker

    Ingame name : potatoHost Reported player : skittle186 Reason : Hacking killaura Proof : Note : If you think he doesn't hack then go to my youtube channel and look at my other uploads, i'm not joking around when i see a hacker i report him. If this post gets denied ill consider it as an insult...
  14. I

    [Practice] Hacker?

    Name of offender: PrincipeProGamer Name of offense: ItsIsma29R Server: Practice Date and time: 2017/01/08 - 10:40 PM (Spain) Evidence:
  15. Emmanuel

    [KitPvP] Reach

    Name of offender: Amatoxyne Name of offense: Reach Server: KitPvP Date and time: 20 mins ago Evidence: P.D. if you dont see it good sorry im new with this of videos, i tried to make it the highest quality but anyways it looks kinda bad, try to put in your YT high...
  16. M

    Hacker mattmustang look the video (mira el video)

    Hacker grabado de partida de Practice Pvp desde camara interna , este hacker poseaia : kill aura , aim bot , criticals y fast place , lo note por el movimiento que daba al pegar , pegaba al aire y igual me daba golpes la cual ni si quiera me esta viendo , al construir construia mas rapido que...
  17. Tarawa


    player name:killerHD435 offence:flying in skywars server:skywars time:2mins ago evidence:i got it on yt sry vid laggy but u can clearly see him flying
  18. M

    JxstSnxpchat hack (Killaura)

    Name of offender:JxstSnxpchat Name of offense:killaura Server:Practicepvp Date and Time: 0:13 am 24 december 2016 Evidence:
  19. Peisiikk

    Hacker - DoNari26gas

    Offender: DoNari26gas Offense: KillAura Server: PracticePvP Date: 27/11/2016 Evidence: ! WATCH FULL VIDEO !
  20. ForeverPinoy

    Faction Anti-KB

    Name of offender: KingofSavage Name of offense: Anti-Knockback Server: Faction Date and time: 20/11/16 10:37 am (GMT +8) Evidence: @MonsterStorm @Kazeev @Jince222 @Melon333 @weijun23000 @Elphios