1. ahmad2000

    Changing my IGN

    Hello there, I have got a simple question! My IGN right now is "ahmad2000" okay? For example, I want to change it to "Abcd1234"from Mojang, so when I log in using "Abcd1234" (new IGN) in GuildCraft I get my (Perks + Kits + money + coins etc...) or I start like a new player and when I enter the...
  2. deejay1111

    Severe Lag Spikes Getting Ridiculous

    I've posted about this before on forums and I thought it was resolved but turns out i was just getting online at the right times when the spikes weren't happening. So my problem is I live in NA, East Coast and for about 12 hours out of the day my ping just spikes from 400-1k and does not go back...
  3. B

    4 or 8 Players Required to Start an Anni game

    I understand at first appearance this suggestion looks mental (I would consider myself mental if I suggested this 2 or 3 years ago) but please hear me out first then make an assessment. Also I know the thread is long, please try to get through it all to completely understand my argument and if...
  4. StrelaxMC

    [Factions] Endless recruitment

    Hi guys! As you may have already noticed I'm playing on the server quite a lot again, because no matter what there's only one Guildcraft. Therefore i've decided to create a new faction called Endless in which i enjoyed playing when Solition was it's leader. Here's a throwback vid on his channel...
  5. Gezus

    Server Software

    Hello, as i was making some research about minecraft server mainteinance, i came up with a specific question -- what is the best server software for minecraft, and what software does guildcraft use? For "the best server software" i consider - fast/efficient, free, practical, plugin acceptable...
  6. AletheaFromYT

    How to change your password in GuildCraft

    Some of you guys dont know how to change it.Mostly for the ones that dont really play minecraft.First you need to register,when you are done registering you are now allowed to change your password by typing this command. /changepassword (oldpassword)...
  7. Y

    bye gc and mc.

    just bye. 4 august 2018, i rejoined gc, it's been 2 years since i quit for the first time. and since that i feel like everyone is way different since the first time i joined this game. so, for the second time, thank you for the time. Giving all my stuffs I have to Cringe404(Prison) for the...
  8. I

    Redstone on Creative

    I think redstone should be added to creative, Not only can you use hoppers and pistons for building, but I also want hoppers to have their use of picking up items, pistons to push and pull blocks, comparators to be able to compare and substract redstone signals and to detect signals from...
  9. XysBGames

    ICant Join Server GuildCraft 1.8

    Your IGN (In-Game-Name): ibrahim73YT !!!(Sorry My Low Englisg)!!! All You Need Look My Vidoe ; Best Regards,XysBGames_ibrahim73YT
  10. DarknesZed

    Hello everyone im back.

    Hello guys its me DarknesZed ill be back playing and i really cant wait to see you guys i think ill start playing anni but if you guys like you can suggest me some other games in server i wouldnt mind playing whoever wants to keep touch with me can add me on discord DarknesZed #7881. Its nice to...
  11. Rabascm

    Happy New Year & New Year Event!

    Happy New Year! January 1st to January 3rd, 2018 /server SnowballFight or use the snowball in the server compass! Information Each player will receive 16 snowballs on join and every time the player respawns. Your goal is to achieve the highest points possible! To do that, start aiming at...
  12. aXed

    SkyBlock - Reset

    New adventure in the sky is coming Date & Time: 17 November 20:00 CET The following changes have been made Added upgrade-able generators Changed the Island Menu Major rework of /shop Spawners now merge with each other (Of the same type) Added the possibility of upgrading your island Added the...
  13. xTaito

    What you should ADD/FIX to make Guildcraft great again

    1) BRING BACK UHC lot of players left after that got removed 2)Reset PracticePvP and FIX the HIT registration 3)MAKE Survival 1.8 version 4)ADD 1.7-1.8 as server version Thats what i am thinking i am fully supporting the server if they do uhc TELL ME YOUR OPINIONS ON THIS
  14. Rexerage

    Guildcraft Pay2Win?

    My name is Rexerage and I've been playing on this server when I was like 10-11 years old and I can proudly say I have such an awesome childhood thanks to the ones who made Guildcraft possible. I'm planning on taking Guildcraft seriously by making youtube content about it, helping it grow, be one...
  15. Big Brown Cookie

    Recruiting for Infinity (Faction)

    Hey there, Its bigcrispygoldenshinypotato here and as you may know Me, @Rainbowisticfarts and @Jammaers have decided to create a new faction. We have named the faction Infinity. Anyone who wishes to join should either reply to this thread or start a conversation with me. We currently have 4...
  16. Gertjan300

    [GC] Referall System.

    Heya guys, Since that i joined GuildCraft i see alot of players asking for rewards etc. Yes i know on lots of communitys its like this. But lets give the players what they want. Rewards. A Referal system a URL, A link how do you want to call it. If you click on it you would give any kind of...
  17. TheRagingCrafter

    Recruiting Now: Someday, a MakeGCAlive project

    Someday. Hello all GuildCraft players, this is not a post regarding any anni clan, faction, or sky server recruitment. As everyone knows and says, Guildcraft isn't in its best condition. If we continue this state, GC will eventually fall apart and die. We've done our roles seperately, but...
  18. RpgZombieCM

    Suggestions for keeping the ores without Economy Crashing (for TheRagingCrafter)

    So when i wrote a post for reseting skyblock TheRagingCrafter agreed but said that they would probably take out there being ores in the cobble gen but he wrote that hopefully i had some suggestions and after 4 to 5 hours of work 2 hours working and 2 writing and such i did it i wrote four of my...
  19. Ela_


    Hello introduce my name Ela_, i am the first child of 3 brothers and i'am finally find the best server for annihilation. I love to play annihilation game,because the game is very exciting and i love guildcraft, because guildcraft have the best annihilation for me and i hope guildcraft have good...
  20. S

    Crafting Gapples

    So, I've been farming gold for a while in the Prison game mode in hopes that I could craft god apples. Once I had over a stack of gold blocks, its was crafting time. But when I put 8 gold blocks around an apple, no result comes. I Googled everywhere for an answer but came up with nothing. It...