1. R

    Didn't get reward from Uncommon crate

    So i opened the Uncommon crate and won a Trench Pickaxe LVL 2 Tier 3, but i didn't get the item.. How is this possible?
  2. VynoxPvP

    Pearl trough strings

    You can pearl trough strings on factions, fix this asap please xoxo :D @EpicGodMC @iHydrospex @short1der
  3. Potato_Kween

    My Island is no longer my island???

    T-T So i have an island i share with my friend and suddenly he got kicked out of the party,then i cant do /is go it says i have no island. I still have my island level. No staff are ever online to help me solve the problem pls help! I can still place and break things though.
  4. general550

    Negative Xp Bug

    I tried buying Town Workman upgrade for Civillian kit for 10 000 xp. After i clicked the kit and then clicked "ACCEPT" the screen didn't change from that "ACCEPT OR DENY" screen like it usually does, so I clicked it 2 more times. Then i just closed that screen and i saw that my kit upgrade was...
  5. G

    I didn't login but apparently I did

    I was able to normally login a lot of times, but for some reason it won't log me in anymore. I'm not using any VPNs and my server name is "Grinch". Anyways, I logged in and the black screen still didn't go away. It's telling me I logged in completely fine, but for some strange reason I can't do...
  6. CDisco

    /r is not working

    no permission to use /r command please fix it.
  7. CDisco

    Supply Drop Bugged

    Today it happened twice.. when its 5 minutes left the timer reset to 8 hours and no supply drop event happen.
  8. CDisco

    Farmer Job Bug.

    breaking cocoa, melons and tall flower bushes doesn't effect at all. it's not giving me money or even job's XP. doing (/jobs info farmer) telling me that it will give me money and xp.
  9. Realbigpal8

    I Have a problem on joining

    I Am an old player of Guildcraft, when i returned i saw this! also i forgot my password so please help me. THANKS!! -a player bigpal8
  10. R

    My money dissapeared

    It's that simple. I had 180k. And 20 min. later, I look at the balance and I have 0.01$. I don't know how that is posibble. I need help. -Riqs
  11. H

    bugged voting

    the owner of guildcraft server I appreciate ur struggle of making this amazing server but after sometime voting system is not working I request plzz fix it its a big problem for us if votng is ot working I have stated new and without voting I can make my infrastructure in minecraft easly plzzz...
  12. J

    Cauldron bucket bug.

    Hey GC, Losing buckets when adding water to cauldron: Factions: This week: So when having a stake of water buckets and I try and fill up a cauldron I lost all the buckets but 1. I made a shit video that I have below which shows this happening. In the vid my inventory is full so you could say...
  13. J

    Died while in mid air falling toward water?!?!

    Hello there GC, Random death bug: Factions server: May 8th at about 8:00 PM EST I was up where I am making my base and I fell off. This usually is not a big deal since bellow is just water but even before hitting the water I died (mid air fool hunger bars at least 1/2 of my hearts were up). I...
  14. Komil


    I type in /ad but it isn't working I tryed to type the same thing in the game servers but it won't work so is it that I'm doing something wrong? Pls help.
  15. Cruiser627

    Fortress Keeper challenge bug

    Edit to proper format: What type of bug: ItemID (I believe) Server: Skyblock Date and time: Static Visual information: Additional Details (original post): I've been stuck on the aforementioned challenge for 5 days due to an unrecognized item glitch (I believe) I have the items named, 8 stacks...
  16. rampen123

    Vote "Bug"?

    Hi, It seems that yesterday (1 March) the vote is broken. I have voted in each of the voting sites (5) and I don't seem to have received my reward in SkyBlock, and I was opening my minecraft and at SkyBlock at that time. my friend too have voted but did not receive any rewards ($1.5k, 100-ish...
  17. Spacetyger

    how to find hackers

    To all the people out there if you are using a hacked client u may glitch around and get stuck in random blocks at spawn; I hope the ban team will notice this. I noticed this when I saw a person (hacker) running around at spawn weirdly and he kept relogging. Thats another way to find hackers...
  18. T

    please help me.

    So a while ago I changed my name... to BoCadeau, then changed it back to Tntrobber, but this was wrong because I lost my xp and kits etc. So today I changed it back to TntRobber. But can't connect to the server cuz my name isn't right it says. So...
  19. Karthon

    kevinslender uses wurst client to place a "crashchest"

    offender: kevinslender type: glitch/bug with hacked client (after looking it up i found out it was wurst's CrashChest exploit" server: creative when: today, 20 minutes ago evidence: Also! I can't log on to creative without crashing so could @Sanjeet @KinqCake tp me to spawn, thanks. If this...
  20. B

    Trying it again

    Name of offender: SkabaisCitrons Name of offense: Glitching Server: Original Faction Date and time: 30-5-2016 Evidence: