1. Z

    Friend Finder Or List

    I've played guildcraft long time ago but i wonder that it would be great to have a list of your friends and that it tells you in what game they are so you can follow them to games cause i had once a friend then i never saw him again until today and we where talking about that
  2. wiiild

    Adding Friends

    Hello, When I play with my friend Team-BuildBattle, so I always eat first connect to the map.There is a command to add a player?Thank you for your help, Nikol
  3. Crafter8000

    A friend of mine can't post

    So, my friend Folto can log in the website, but he can't make any posts, he gets a error message everytime he tries to post anything, and also, he can't delete his old posts, but he says that doesn't bother him much, someone in the staff could help him with this trouble?