1. Myshadow

    Ma stuff

    Hello, I'm new but I want free stuff. Can I get free stuff pls I haf no moneyz I poor feel for fellow MC player pl0x. Ok, serious now, so as some people might know I used to play here and I used to own several kits on Anni, had donator ranks on both servers (Sky and normal) and before I left...
  2. rikard_renata

    Halloween (almost) Free /fly for ALL in Survival - Saturday evening 1900 hrs

    Hello everyone! Selling for 1 dollar ingame money a FREE fly for everyone is Survival :) free 3 hrs /fly for ALL in Survival. It starts 1900 hrs CET (please use the timezone converter to convert Central European Time to your timezone). Its approx 90 minutes from this post Tnx for attention
  3. M

    /donateshop pay

    Hello, Today, i'm here to propose an idea which has been in my mind as well as other GuildCrafters minds too. It's the /donateshop pay! /donateshop pay allows a player to transfer donatecoins from their account to another players account FOR THAT RESET. This is an incredibly useful idea as...