1. ahmad2000

    Why Faction Isn't Working?

    A server without a Faction is like a sea without a fish... A server without a Faction is like a tree without a fruit... A server without a Faction is like a @aXed without a beer... did you get the idea?
  2. L

    Regen Walls

    In this tread i want to know why regen Walls (Lava and Walter) are forbiddan, and want to please the Admins tochange that rule, because this is a importantpart of a factio, the Walls to protect it Please Look AT that theme And please write your ideas about that theme below
  3. L

    Enderpearl in faction Perms

    theres a glitch in /f perms if you want to change the ability to use faction warps for the Co-Leader you cant change it and just take the enderpearl out. So you cant use this Perm, and you can get as much enderpearls as you want. Please fix it
  4. Omgitslogicツ

    Faction Reset

    Hi, I'm making this post regarding the reset of factions. @aXed Can you please reset factions already, its been so long that factions has not been reset and I really want to play it already. Can you give me an estimate date of when will factions reset? I'm on holiday break (3 weeks off of...
  5. R

    My sugarcane farm doesn't work

    So i've made a sugarcane farm from bedrock to skylimit. At the top i have a crop hopper and a sell chest.. But my crop hopper doesn't seem to collect any sugarcane. What have i missed? I've used Cobbelstone as a platform with holes for water. Then i've placed sand on top of the cobblestone...
  6. ahmad2000

    /Kit Keys Cooldown In The Faction!!

    Hi @Everyone @Adro @Martin1 @Elise1886 @aXed As known the Kit Keys it has been added to the SHOP, and this is the newest kit and it's amazing kit, and it's cooldown {7 days } it's certainly a Fair time in all servers except these servers... Faction Also Faction And Also Faction Because as...
  7. SalmonTunaCaker

    [Event Suggestion] Office War..

    Hello there, i heard that faction need more event to gather the players, so i would like suggest something.. I know there are huge problems in faction, and the reset will be soon, but i will just suggest my idea.. The event itself will be called office war.. How to Play So yes the game itself...
  8. FlamingPyro

    Faction Reset?

    I'd like to inquire about the exact date of the reset for factions? If no definite answer can be provided then maybe an estimated time?
  9. FlamingPyro

    BUYING 6 EUROS in Factions

    Hi there! My IGN is Mystogan_ Im buying 6 euros for factions Im trading 6million + 8 creeper spawners and 3 stacks of Gapples
  10. StrelaxMC

    [Factions] Endless recruitment

    Hi guys! As you may have already noticed I'm playing on the server quite a lot again, because no matter what there's only one Guildcraft. Therefore i've decided to create a new faction called Endless in which i enjoyed playing when Solition was it's leader. Here's a throwback vid on his channel...
  11. general550

    Buying 6 euros on Factions

    Hi there, Im buying 6 euros on factions, if you accept then we can talk about what ranks and where. I'm offering -7M ingame money -1 Mythical Key -790 Legacy coins (Can be anything you want from /legacyshop) -110 Vote coins (Same thing as with legacy coins) Thanks for reading!
  12. C

    Faction members needed!

    I've got a faction called ChromaKey. If you want to possibly join, reply to this topic with your ign and a reason why you want to join. No scams!
  13. short1der

    [Factions] News regarding events

    Hello my fellow faction players. <3 It’s ya boi, short1der, here with some news regarding factions and planned events. Monthly Events Yes, you read that correctly. For now on, our plan is to have monthly events, which brings us to... March 2018 Event We will be holding an event within the next...
  14. Asap_M0b

    Selling 12 euros [Factions]

    - I am selling 12 euros on factions, i will accept the best offer. - reply here or msg me ig: AsapM0b
  15. general550

    Tping admins to base

    Hello, i would like an admin to core plugin see who of our faction members griefed my chests, but im afraid that if i tpa a player admin into the room with those chests (my vault), that he would see the coords and later raid it. Is that allowed, am i safe to tpa him inside?
  16. DatHaxxorCatchhor


    Many people,very much dislike my opinions. And i dislike their opinion,on my opinions. So they dislike my opinion on their opinion on my opinions. Then forms a endless loop,of disliking opinions,hate and all sorts of stuff like that. Which is why i don't ever give opinions anymore. I'm...
  17. R3D_G3KKO

    HCF Server

    Suggestion: HCf server Detailed description: I think you should make a Hard Core faction server because it's is a fun and challenging game mode and I think we as a community would love something like this added to your wonderful server :) What is HCF? HCF stands for Hardcore...
  18. R3D_G3KKO

    Requesting Lock or delete this

    Just delete this *sigh*
  19. A

    Buying 5 euros (Vip to Hero Upgrade)(Factions)

    I'm Buying 5 Euros for Factions server and i want an upgrade for my current rank(Vip)to the next rank(Hero) My Offer 7.5Million 10 Prot Iv,Unbr III sets 1 Sharp V ,Unbr III,Fire Aspect II(Axes) 2 Sharp V,Aspect II(Sword) 30 God Apples 20 Cow Spawners Some God Tools
  20. BallisticHydra

    /invade in factions other way to claim land

    add /invade in factions server because now there is only 1 way to claim land from other facs. What /invade do? for example you do /invade Ballistic (My faction) The leader have 72 hours to respond to the invade other his faction will be claimed If the leader response to the invade they will be...