1. E

    Bye bye Guys It was a good time Banned myself

    Bye bye My journey at GC ENDS thx for all the people Who made my time bad and good Have too many friends soz cant tag all Just post Up my friends xD i cant tag all REPLY AF
  2. A

    Kill Aura

    Name of offender: Xz_osos_zX Name of offense: Kill aura Server: Factions Dimension Date and time: 02/07/2016 18: 30 Evidence:
  3. spirate16

    hacker in prison

    Name of offender: es123456 Name of offense: noslowdwon Server: prison Date and time: i forget the time Evidence:
  4. masquerade1

    [Prison]Inappropriate name

    Name of offender: MrButtSniffer Name of offense: Inappropriate name Server: Prison Date and time: GMT 0 just now Evidence:
  5. dash_baxter

    inap use of /prefix and bad language

    Jojojordo123 , moek prefix and language abuse survival gm+2 i warned them to change them players have been mute for inap behavior on other server why let it go on surv thats just a double standard pls fix this if jojojordo123 is staff he should know better
  6. goldensky1406

    [Skygrid] Dog at pvp

    Name Of Offender: trolololol2 Name Of Offense: Dog at pvp Server: Skygrid Date and Time: Now