1. CaptNeptune

    [Survival] Buying 2 Euroes (Donator)

    *Trade has been done* Offering: 1x Titan Helmet 1x Titan Chestplate 1x Titan Leggings 1x Titan Boots 1x Titan Sword 1x Titan Bow 1x Titan Axe 1x Titan Pickaxe 1x Titan Shovel 1x Battleset Helmet 1x Battleset Chestplate 1x Battleset Leggings 1x Battleset Boots 1x Battleset Sword 1x Battleset...
  2. R3D_G3KKO

    Selling euros Member --》Donator 2.5 euros

    Rules are simple If I accept your deal I will message you on the forums Valid till Xmas sale is going on When filling out Format please only use NON BOLD Factions only!! Use the Format: *IGN(In Game Name): *What you have to offer: Why you deserve it(Optional):
  3. general550

    2.50EURO for Survival 2.7mil and items

    Hi there, i want to buy 2.50 euros in factions before this sale ends. My offerings are in survival: -2.7mil -16 dragon's breath (Exclusive item you can't get) -2 Elder guardian spawn eggs (extremly rare) -Titan bow -Titan helmet Hope you have a good day and i also hope that one of you would...
  4. A

    Buying 5 euros (Vip to Hero Upgrade)

    I'm Buying 5 Euros for Factions server and i want an upgrade for my current rank(Vip)to the next rank(Hero) My Offer 6.5Million 5 Prot Iv,Unbr III sets 1 Sharp V ,Unbr III,Fire Aspect II(Axes) 2 Sharp V,Aspect II(Sword) 30 God Apples 20 Cow Spawners Some God Tools
  5. Nephilimsaurus

    Buying 3 euro (skyblock)

    Buying 3 euro (donator rank) for 3m in game cash and some offer if needed. Admin trade only. IGN: Nephilimsaurus Message me or mail me :)
  6. S


    In skyblock i really need about 190k So i sell a skeleton spawner for 190k if you r intrested connact when you will be online!! It is a big opportunity
  7. IsraAtGamings

    A Donator Mine

    My suggestion is after prison reset make a donator mine :) that's will be nice
  8. Caprioara

    BIGGEST OFFER (Survival) 55mil (ING) + ...

    Hello my name is Caprioara and I would like to buy some euros I have 55mil that i want to trade + - 2500 lc - 10 shulkers boxes - 6 stacks of sponges - 1 Obbi axe - we can offer enchanted books (mending, unbreaking 3, sweeping edge 3, fire aspect 2, protection 4, fire protection 4, silk touch...
  9. MoonCracker

    Buying DONATOR Rank Survival!!!!

    Offer: - 400k - Titan Boots / Leggings (worth 500k both) - 4 Skelly Spawners + 2 Cow - 2 GOD sets I hope this comes close. I know donator rank is worth around 1/2 mil so i hope anyone could help me. I am very active in /server Survival and i would like a Rank after 3 years playing :)
  10. TheLoliyat36

    [Survival] I would like to buy donator rank (3 euros).

    Hey,its been almost a year since i joined gc survival and i think its time i get a rank xD I'm buying Donator rank,i.e. 3 euros,i'm willing to pay upto 400k.I really need the rank right now. It would be great if someone offers to sell euros to me. IGN - TheLoliyat36 Thanks. -TheLoliyat36
  11. ForeverPinoy

    Buying 5 euros (prison offer)

    4mil on Prison Titan Pickaxe Level 1! redtagged! and Titan Pickaxe Level 4! redtagged! Adding more! just suggest so i can add it.!
  12. mdmongi


    Well, as we all know, all kind of ranks can't be purchased anymore. Yes, that is a pity, but... the stuff resolved this in the right way?In the game, there are a lot of people who still have advantage because they bought a PERMANENT rank. What is my point? there MUST be a way to obtain a...
  13. P

    10 euro offer skyblock server

    for 10 euro donator-vip vip-hero In Game Money 400k Spawners 1 mooshroom spawner 1 cow spawner 1 sheep spawner 2 blaze spawners 1 skelleton spawner 1 zombie spawner 1 slime spawner Eggs 2 mooshroom spawn eggs 192 chicken spawn eggs 192 cow spawn eggs 192 pig spawn eggs Minerals 128 diamond...
  14. zalixzy

    Buying Donator To VIP [Fac Originals] New offer

    Hi, i'd like to buy 10 euros for a VIP Uprade and what i have to offer for it is : -1 millions 800k -12 God Apples -4 God Sets -3 God bows -3 God swords -60 Diamond blocks -God tools , (if you want them) -A few extra God Legg/Chest ( a bit dammaged ) - My tips on league of legends if you are...
  15. aleksejus

    Offer cancelled for now

    Cancelling th offer gonna make a new one later :P
  16. OatChoco

    [Faction Original] Buying Donator Rank 5 Euro!!! Good Offer!!

    IGN : ItzZachHD 20 Sets IV ( some of it have unbreak 3 ) 200k 5 God bow 1 Skelly 5 stacks of TNT 10 stacks Bottle o enchanting 10 Diamond Block
  17. W

    Changed my Minecraft name, Lost donator ranks.

    Hello. I was on this server for a while a bit back under the username TTB1993. I recently changed my minecraft name to Wrecked420 and I was curious if there is any way I can get my donator ranks.
  18. SicarioDeMexico

    [FactionOriginal]Buying Donator Rank Good Offer

    15 protection 4 sets IGM 50k 8 Super Golden Apples 2 Skeleton Spawners 2 sharp 5 swords 32 strengt 1 potions 32 speed 2 potions 2 stax of tnt 2 stax of Obsidian 15 Diamond Blocks IGN: SicarioDeMinecraft plz accept this offer i really want a rank Rank Cost 3.5 euros
  19. Folto

    [Survival] Buying 3,5 Euros [Donator rank]

    Hell'o again. This is my new offer for 3,5 euros. This is an admin trade. I'm offering: IGM: 500.000 $ A First Row Plot-Shop on Warp Moo: (the tall tower is the shop) (the view as...
  20. L

    [MultiServer] Member-Donor

    Le followin things are going to get offered: Survival: 565371.36 $ + 13k Le one spawn plot with nether bricks and prizmarine stuff 3 slime spawners 4 zombie spawners 3 skelly spawners 1 mooshroom spawner(whatever this cows are) 1 enderman spawner 103 dia blocks 6 diamonds 8 emeralds 7 god...