1. S

    Skyblock - /fly problem

    I've bought the /fly and when I try it gives the response of there is no fly booster active at this moment? Thanks
  2. L

    Can you buy a rank on SkyWars server?

    In the skywars lobbies it tells you, you can buy ranks but in the Shop there is nothing to buy in skywars (
  3. T

    Help me I changed my name

    Hey guys, so about 6 moths ago I stopped playing minecraft, but before I played alot annihilation on GC. When I stopped playing minecraft (for school) my little sister was allowed to play on my account for the time I stopped. but now I'm back and I changed my name, but apperently all my...
  4. short1der

    [Shop] New EULA compliant donation suggestions

    Factions Original / Factions Dimension Boosters: Everyone gets the benefits of these perks while online. Fly Booster (3 Day Period, 10 euros) McMMO Experience Multipliers (1 day Period) (Stacks with Legacy Rank Multipliers) 2x Experience (20 euros) 3x Experience (30 euros) 4x Experience (40...
  5. BlackArow74

    [Faction Originals] /kit member ?

    [Factions Orginal] /kit member ? -As We All know All Ranks Got Their Own Kits for exampe [/kit Donator] Members Only Got /kit Tools #poop I mean Like Stone Tools Are U Serios ?? -Members Should Get Thier Own Kit Cuz as we all Know This Server Is a cracked server...Why ?? Cuz ppl Are...
  6. anubis9433

    A Thread about donation methods

    Hi, I am anubis9433 from prison I would like to suggest guildcraft a donation method and wish it can be accepted. The method im suggesting is mol point. Most of u guys doesnt heard of it and dint even know it exist. This is actually a online currency that is bought from using real cash in...