1. medeiros

    Trading For prison money

    Trading my dc and money and items in all servers for prison money. tell me ur offer
  2. anubis9433

    About donatecoins

    Hi anubis9433 here , I wanna be clear about how donate coins work when resets. As i know from @TheMauriKids Donate coins will be repay according to the rank u bought. How many donatecoins will be given to me if i upgraded as below: Donator- vip Vip- hero Hero- elite Elite- legend Legend -...
  3. anubis9433

    Donate coins

    Hi anubis9433 here, I wanna ask about the donate coins I have 1000 donate coins in prison now. I was wonderinf what will happen to them after reset? Will it be gone or just stay there? One more question related to this topic, will the ranks be given donate coins at the next reset? (Like i donte...
  4. SicarioDeMexico

    [FactionOG]Buying 5 Euros Good Offer [AdminTrade]

    This Offer is for my Friend: HeyItsMighty This IS His Offer Factions OG 15 Protection 4 Sets 2 God Swords 215k IGM 1 god shovel 1 god axe 2 Spawner [skeleton and spider ] 6 God Apples 4 stacks of obsidian 2 god picks 36 speed 2 pots [Max Time] 36 strenght 1 pots [Max Time] 6 stacks of enchanting...
  5. M

    /donateshop pay

    Hello, Today, i'm here to propose an idea which has been in my mind as well as other GuildCrafters minds too. It's the /donateshop pay! /donateshop pay allows a player to transfer donatecoins from their account to another players account FOR THAT RESET. This is an incredibly useful idea as...