1. superboy12345 [Nub]

    [Factions Original #RESETHYPE]

    Hey there! As we all know factions' reset is coming closer.. so.. why not choose what we want for reset? :p Hm.. lets make a list of fancy stuff we want during reset :) 1) Fly for everyone - I know there will be huge number of fly abuses, but no one gives a damn, its reset! Have Fun! Blast off...
  2. IcyTea

    [Anni] Suggestion for Anti-Void PvP Loggers

    Some of players who keep doing pvp logging, don't get against my suggestion (Only if they will add it) Maybe some NPC Player Detection for Anti-Void Pvp Loggers. They can add combat tag plugin so if they pvp logged on void while hitted, they will be punished, like 10 minute ban to prevent...
  3. IcyTea

    [Anni] SonyEricsson Hacking

    Name of offender: SonyEricsson Name of offense: ForceField/KillAura? Server: Annihilation Date and time: 12-17-15 1:15 PM (GMT +8) Evidence: Watch the video