1. S

    (SkyBlock) Afk Pool

    First sorry for last post, Name of offender: CallOFDutybo3 (Rokyy Island) Name of offense:Afk Pool Server:Skyblock Date and time: Right now Evidence:I taked some ss
  2. G

    (Skyblock) Skittle186 and Jake_The_Dog Tp Killers

    Name of offender: Skittle186 and Jake_The_Dog Name of offense: Tp Kill Server:Skyblock Date and time: right now Evidence:ihave ss Ilost 5 stacks of oka wood and my god pick axe and alot of oka plank and 2 stack of glass and he killed some people too please back my stuff =[
  3. GokuKrieger

    [Skyblock] Spam

    Name of offender: Deviledangel72 Name of offense: Spam, Countdown Server: Slyblock Date and time: Just now Evidence: Down below
  4. GokuKrieger

    [Skyblock] Flooding

    Name of offender: gaisga4er Name of offense: flooding in Public chat Server: Skyblock Date and time: around 19:30 5 Mins Ago Evidence:
  5. chunky

    [SkyBlock] Tp Killer

    Name of offender: AbyssWalker Name of offense: Tp killing Server: skyblock Date and time: 10 minutes ago Evidence: http://imgur.com/2pnkGaH http://imgur.com/kGUhbBI
  6. [VORTEX]JustinLabajos

    [Skyblock] I've been Griefed

    Name of Offender: JiriStarz Name of Offense: Griefing Server: Skyblock Time: November 21, 2015 10:15 AM on the Philippines I trusted him on the island because I need help on expanding, then after my blocks ran out, I paid him 500$ for his cooperation, then I mined more blocks, then he helped me...
  7. SteveThatCoolGuy

    (Skyblock) Scammed by Graphics

    Name of offender: Graphics Name of offense: Scam Server: Skyblock Date and time: 11/20 2:10~20 (Korean time ) Evidence: So Graphics msged me for help. I didnt know him. And when I warped to his isl , he had something looked like cobble gene. He said its not working. And the sign on left said...