1. Greenhead

    My kit ideas for KITPVP

    Hello, this is my kit ideas for kitpvp. I REALLY hope it would be added. 1. Evoker Armor - No helmet, Iron chestplate, Leather leggings and boots (Grey color) Weapon - Iron sword (Arkhalis) Special - Spell, it does 3 random attacks. (30s cooldown) 1 - Add speed and strengh for 3 seconds 2 -...
  2. R

    [Anni] Some Stuff

    Great game 9.99/10 Game is great, however it still needs some tweaks. Warrior: The description says any melee weapon will receive +1 damage, but its not really doing anything. I like the Knockback and Health Potion, but the potion shouldn't be dropped when killed. Scout: From what I've seen...
  3. AnthonyTom

    [Annihilation 1.0] Buffing Zombie class

    I. Introduction Hi, I'm an regular Annihilation player with a regular amount of kits and Annihilation XP and I would like to propose buffing Zombie. Ok, so the Zombie class is the class with upgradeable melee attack damage, I mean, your fist's attack damage supposed to be equal to that of a...