1. YoutuberNoob

    Christmas event suggestion

    Hey, i think u guys should make like a christmas calendar. like evry day is a giveaway. ik im late with the suggestion. and like 2 winners evryday. on 24 december its like a huge giveaway like titan rank for evry server on gc. and thats like 10 winners. just saying ik it would be op but the evry...
  2. I

    [Faction Originals] Christmas Sale: 7 euro Donator -> VIP

    Hi all! I waited to offer for a rank upgrade until it was Christmas Sale and now it's there! I'm buying 7 euro's from donator --> VIP for my own account. This is what I'm offering on FACTION ORIGINALS: 500.000 Ingame Currency 32 Diamond Blocks 10 Protection IV Unbreaking III Diamond Helmets 10...
  3. Jince222

    [Tutorial] How to give your player a Christmas hat

    How to add your Minecraft character a Santa hat. Note: This does not work for all skins and only for premium users. Adding a Santa hat for people who don't already have a hat on there skin already is easy, just go to and type in your Minecraft...