1. xph11

    [Store] New GuildCraft Store!

    Hello everyone! I'm glad to inform you that our new store is officially out! Since the ownership slowly changes, a new store is needed for the transferred servers, and I have worked on it in the last week to make it intuitive and user friendly. The new store does not have all the purchasable...
  2. mistershooterguy

    [Factions] Buying 2 Euro

    i'm buying 2 euro's (2 titles) for 2,5 mil + the chest in this picture (6x Kit Demigod) UPDATE: I'm Giving 3.5 Mil for 2 Euro's!
  3. Dom2126

    Buying 20 euros [Factions]

    Hey :D I'm buying Demi-god to god upgrade for 20 euros on the factions server. My offer is: 1) 21 million in-game money 2) 50 IV sets = Worth 2 mil 3) 20 Gapps = Worth 300K 4) Half a dub of God Pick = Worth 81K 5) Half a dub of God Axe = Worth 81K 6) Half a dub of God Shovels = Worth 65K...
  4. Deviledangel72

    Buying 25 Euros (Giving stuff in Factions, Prison, Survival) OP

    Buying 25 Euros (Giving stuff in Factions, Prison, Survival) I'm buying 25 euros for "Demigod Rank" ---> "God Rank" (Rank upgrade from Demigod to God) (Legacy Rank) **If you want to buy me "God to Titan Rank Upgrade too, Great!! Leave reply or read IMPORTANT** Below" Choose one you want if...
  5. kikochazk

    faction original buying title ( 1.5 euro ) for op offer

    buying title in faction original for op offer in faction original 300k sword sharpness 6 unb 4 and burning 2 iv set 1 zombie spawner 2 spider spawner 1 sword sharpness 5 burning 2 waiting your replies
  6. J

    [Global] buying unban

    so here i can tag only @aXed to add this which is to allow ppl to buy unban from the server for a good amount off money since the server needs money to exist :) thats all i have for this forum its short but good :P
  7. Sanjeet

    [SURVIVAL] Buying 20 Euros Kit Enchant

    [Survival Items] $3.4 mil 863 votecoins 2 nether stars 5 beacons 384 diamond blocks 340 iron blocks 265 emerald blocks 3 gold blocks Diamond chestplate with Protection 3 Fire Protection 3 Blast Protection 3 Spawners 7 zombie 4 skeleton Enderman Mooshroom Cave spider Prot IV Unbreak III...
  8. zalixzy

    Buying Donator To VIP [Fac Originals] New offer

    Hi, i'd like to buy 10 euros for a VIP Uprade and what i have to offer for it is : -1 millions 800k -12 God Apples -4 God Sets -3 God bows -3 God swords -60 Diamond blocks -God tools , (if you want them) -A few extra God Legg/Chest ( a bit dammaged ) - My tips on league of legends if you are...
  9. L

    Can i buy money in game with my phone

    Hi, I post this because i didn't found a way to purchase money in game with sms I wanted to buy money for survival and i follow instructions but there is always no button : " paid with a code by sms " or something like that so plz help me. I really want to purchase money but i just have my...
  10. TanzeelBRO

    [Survival] Buying 3.5 Euros (OP Offer)

    Sup GuildCrafters! Heres My Offer For 3.5 Euros. 500k IGM x1 Double Chest Of OP Tools (Pickaxes,Axes,Shovels Iron And Diamond From Kit Hero/Titan) x8 Prot IV Ub3 Armor Sets (From Kit Titan) x1 NETHER STAR (Super Rare Coz Withers Are Disabled) x2 Beacons x9 Prot IV Ub3 Books x10 Stacks Of Apples...