1. ahmad2000

    Why Faction Isn't Working?

    A server without a Faction is like a sea without a fish... A server without a Faction is like a tree without a fruit... A server without a Faction is like a @aXed without a beer... did you get the idea?
  2. R

    Didn't get reward from Uncommon crate

    So i opened the Uncommon crate and won a Trench Pickaxe LVL 2 Tier 3, but i didn't get the item.. How is this possible?
  3. general550

    Lost reward tokens on skyblock

    What type of bug: Lost reward tokens Server: Skyblock Arena (If possible): / Date and time: Around 3 PM CET (30 mins before this post) Visual information(If possible): I bought a legendary enchant book and a glowing 1 book from /rewardshop, but I only got the legendary book The glowing 1 book...
  4. omb10

    Keep getting an error message when joining the server

    When i try to join the server i just keep getting an error message i tried everything restarting my computer switching versions and i even got a new launcher yet i still cant connect. This is how the error looks like: https://imgur.com/a/iP0sZOx
  5. Germanode

    AntiCheat bug on top of the PvP blue house

    Type of bug: Anticheat Server:Survival Arena: World PvP - On top of the blue house/tent Date and Time: Dec. 14, 2018 Visual information: Don't have. Forgot to record at the time o_O. This odd bug happened to me and jsu2 when Jacky20 was hitting us with his sword (Probably the ultra...
  6. VynoxPvP

    Pearl trough strings

    You can pearl trough strings on factions, fix this asap please xoxo :D @EpicGodMC @iHydrospex @short1der
  7. Potato_Kween

    My Island is no longer my island???

    T-T So i have an island i share with my friend and suddenly he got kicked out of the party,then i cant do /is go it says i have no island. I still have my island level. No staff are ever online to help me solve the problem pls help! I can still place and break things though.
  8. F

    Bug kick

    Shift + frame + chest = kick tested 10 times
  9. Furios

    Major Bug (idk if it is)

    There's a bug in annihilation where u can join the team that won (u need a rank to do this), this bug doesn't give the winning xp. I don't know if it will increase your wins. This might not be a major bug but you need to fix this. edit: ok, so for example Team A won the game, so imagine u have a...
  10. A

    I lost my XP

    So basically I stopped playing anni because of exams, I left anni with at least 30000 XP, I was saving it for anni 2.0, today I decided to play at guildcraft when I noticed anni 2.0 had been released but when I got into the server, I noticed i had lost all my XP and basically all my stats (I...
  11. general550

    Negative Xp Bug

    I tried buying Town Workman upgrade for Civillian kit for 10 000 xp. After i clicked the kit and then clicked "ACCEPT" the screen didn't change from that "ACCEPT OR DENY" screen like it usually does, so I clicked it 2 more times. Then i just closed that screen and i saw that my kit upgrade was...
  12. G

    I didn't login but apparently I did

    I was able to normally login a lot of times, but for some reason it won't log me in anymore. I'm not using any VPNs and my server name is "Grinch". Anyways, I logged in and the black screen still didn't go away. It's telling me I logged in completely fine, but for some strange reason I can't do...
  13. 4hmed


    Hello, Im titan/tyrant on factions. I wanted to afk all night, but see this: Lol, isn't Demigod+ cant be kicked for afk?
  14. panePD

    Ender Pearls don't work on bedrock

    So I just threw a pearl from the top of the base to the bottom and never got tped there. So i went down with water and tested if it has something to do with the bedrock and it does. Here is the video:
  15. I

    Help me plz.

    [ANSWERED] I'm stuck on creative mode (server). I teleported to random person ( I dont remember who was he) and I got stuck in nether portal(I can't write on chat because of that accident. Can admin tp me? My MC nickname: iCardin1al
  16. B

    Unable to login to server

    Dear Guildcraft, today i wanted to connect to your server so i typed "/login mypassword" And i does not want to log me in, and im sure that my password is right. But it is sending me to a difrent auth(number). I don't know what to do now. If anyone could help me that would be great because i...
  17. John89

    Redstone not working properly

    Redstone doesn't work like it's supposed to. None of the BUD and most observers don't detect anything, tripwire hooks work only 1 out of 5 times, etc. I wouldn't recommend people who have big farms that depend on BUD to load the chunks until it's fixed or they'll have to go and manually update...
  18. N

    Blaze spawner bug

    hey i just mined like 60 blaze spawners with silk touch and it didnt drop and it wrote i broke only one and i dont have any of them.. Also someone have the same problem like me and mysterium saw it i feel so broken.. #Rollback it plox @Mysterium
  19. Trashlate

    Cow spawners

    so my friend egonos have 24 spawners he place it and then the servers crash and then i try to brake the spawners with silk and i didnt anything ( i have try to brake from egonos spawners and work this time i dont know why ) ING: Trashlate Faction : Hayatearmy friend ING: Egonos @Melon333
  20. LunairityReal

    Login Problem

    What type of bug: i tried multiple times logining in gc and it always repeats that "/login password" even though i typed exactly my password is it says "wrong password" :/ i didn't change password and sometimes i saw this problem "you're already connected to this server" i'd never shared my...