1. karltroid

    I can't login for no reason...

    I can't login to server for no reason. Please solve this:
  2. Gezus

    Are the admins as professional as we've been told?

    Ok, so the time has come, i've accuired enough proof about one of admins unprofessional behaviour on annihilation server, i'll relate each fact with corresponding screenshot above it. Whilst gathering screenshots and rarely engaging it chat, it tends to get really violent and in the end i got...
  3. Harley Farquhar


    i bought the elite rank lately and i have received about 15-20 /msg for my kit to be given to people can we get a 1 day ban if someone is report asking 5 different people for there kits? as this is the most annoying thing. people don't understand u don't through away IV or V gear thank you...
  4. karltroid

    Itsfoxxy sweared me.

    I post my complaint because Imgur is banned in my country. Itsfoxxy sweared me:
  5. P

    [Anni] Perm Ban

    Your IGN (In-Game-Name): Pro999DJ By who you're banned/muted: TheRealDoctor Reason for your ban/mute: No-Slowdown ??? On what server were you banned/muted: Anni Why you think it's wrong or right: I don't know what is no - slowdown i I've never got a cheat ... Only game i play in minecraft is...
  6. C

    How tf i got banned?

    I got banned while i was playing anni on the server anni-4. I got banned for using hacks but everyone knows i'm not hacker. GC got me a ban of 2 days ty for it... My acc have like 2 years and i'm just disappointed
  7. T

    [Factions] Hacker >:(

    i was in warp pvp and i was invisible he saw me in 1 second and killed me Hacker Name:Engill07
  8. A

    Ban for no reasons

    I got perm ip ban without doing anything wrong and the reason on it was multiple account and hacking, any explanations
  9. TheAveragePlayer

    Skyblock Advertising Report

    Name Of Offender: KAICRAFTDABEST Name Of Offense: Advertising Server: Skyblock Date: 29 April 2017 Evidence:
  10. TheAveragePlayer

    Advertising (Skyblock)

    Name Of Offender:HeyItzJordan Name Of Offense: Advertising Server: Skyblock Date: 24 april 2017 Evidence
  11. B


    i was not using killaura, i want to play again plz help me, unban my account bruno_sp1k3
  12. S

    Unfair Ban Appeal

    I logged into Guildcraft after a long time and went into my favorite gamemode Prison. I went to the mine and thought I want to act like i started from the beginning so I warped into MobFarm thinking the WoodFarm would be there. I walked across the falling MobPit and then suddenly I got banned...
  13. M

    JxstSnxpchat hack (Killaura)

    Name of offender:JxstSnxpchat Name of offense:killaura Server:Practicepvp Date and Time: 0:13 am 24 december 2016 Evidence:
  14. ForeverPinoy

    advertising and server disrespect

    Name of offender: FactionsDortmund Name of offense: Advertising Server: Practice PvP Date and time: today, 9:12 PM (GMT +8) Proof: Name of offender: Martin098 Name of offense: Server Disrespect Server: Practice PvP Date and time: today, 9:22 PM (GMT +8) Proof:
  15. XxDcafferoncrafTxX

    S_Fire_navarog HACKING on practice PvP

    Name of offender: S_Fire_navarog Name of offense: Hacking specifically KillAura Server: Practice PvP Date and time: 10/29/2016 Evidence:
  16. ForeverPinoy

    Faction Advertising and mutes

    Name of offender: SkyHere Name of offense: advertising Server: faction Date and time: 11:30am (GMT +8) Evidence: Name of offender: TaeDal Name of offense: Spamming Server: Faction Date and time: 11:08 AM (GMT +8) Evidence: Name of offender: xTHOMx Name of offense: flooding Server: faction...
  17. ForeverPinoy

    Faction Advertising

    Name of offender: Zethero Name of offense: adv Server: faction Date and time: 10:52am (GMT +8) Evidence:
  18. ForeverPinoy

    Faction Rekt_Toxic Bhop

    Name Of offender: Rekt_Toxic Name of offense: Bhop Server: Faction Date and time: this early morning 1:31am (GMT +8) Evidence: here is the evidence video @Melon333 @Larsmarc @weijun23000 @Jince222
  19. ForeverPinoy

    Faction Advertising

    Name of offender: NLbanaann Name of offense: Advertisnig Server: faction Date and time: right now Evidence:
  20. KyocellHD

    Skyblock Hacker

    Name of offender: AZE_M0nS Name of offense: Hacking , Combat hacks Server: Skyblock Date and time: a few minutes before this post Evidence:here is the video.. Edit: it says .mp4 isnt an allowed extension.. Edit heres th video