1. K

    Help please

    Hi,When i'm joining any of the servers in the lobby,I got drop back to spawn
  2. V

    I Might Be Back......-Vinayakchaurasia

    Hi guys wahts up :D its me vinayakchaurasia an old legendary player of annihilation ;D i quitd minecraft and started playing agario and now i wannna play mc again :D as far as ik gc has some sort of reset and a new look i guess but bcuz of tht i lost my anni kits D; idk if i wuld hav got em bak...
  3. Myshadow

    Myshadow, finally leaving.

    Hello, I'm leaving, goodbye. *I was told to write some reasons to this so here we go (yes all of you nosey people get some delicious info)* Well, the reason I'm leaving is somewhat "cliché", university consumes my time and when I'm free I want to relax and have some fun, MC started being boring...