1. ahmad2000

    Changing my IGN

    Hello there, I have got a simple question! My IGN right now is "ahmad2000" okay? For example, I want to change it to "Abcd1234"from Mojang, so when I log in using "Abcd1234" (new IGN) in GuildCraft I get my (Perks + Kits + money + coins etc...) or I start like a new player and when I enter the...


    are admins allowed to ban you for cussin them them out?
  3. A


    The enchanting table is not usable for normal enchants, it only gives low level ones. A huge stack of anvils exists but if you try to use them they wont let you, other anvils that are clearly for decoration are usable. There are food mob spawners in a little free food pit that don't spawn...
  4. Real_doodiedie45


    As some of you know i am a pvper from back in the day when guildcraft was booming(Great) i came back for a short time recently to see nothing really changed as the pvp is pretty much dead u get like 1 fight every half hour and this is because of the lack of people playing IMPROVEMENTS NEED TO BE...
  5. zezothelord


    so as a suggestion about the GC shop why don't u add something like gift cards? example: 5$ gift card, 10$ gift card, 20$ gift card, 40$ gift card.....etc just like the voucher but players can gift it to others CREDITS TO : KindlyPlaysMC <3
  6. Born2PVP

    Faction Question

    How Much is the reward for ftop : 1 2 3 In faction? I dont even know , and when will it be given out? everyday? everyweeks? erm
  7. doYOUevenKNOWme


    I want to know how to remove cracked skins that I already set on my player. In aXed's thread where he posted the different kinds of cracked skins, it says that cracked skins have a cooldown of 7 days but mine's been there for a year, it doesn't come off and I don't even remember the last time I...
  8. chibi

    faction's lag

    Factions has been lagging for the past 10 hours!!!!! someone check it out no admin has been online for hours
  9. Born2PVP

    Why I cant connect to the Server?

    Server closed?
  10. I

    can i have unban plz

    IGN:Roskos game:survival ban by:warcrop123 reason : adv ban : perm lel srry but i put a famouse server ip (cube craft ) i think its allowed can i have a unban plz iam titan there and i play gc from 4 years gimme another chanse @aXed
  11. Fluffy18

    [Auto Restart Bug]

    I dont know where to post this but this must be a bug... Auto Restart in Survival has not been activated(?). It might be the one who's causing the Extreme lag to the whole survival server, currently everyone is experiencing 5 seconds no lag, 5 seconds lag (freezes). -I <3 Lolis
  12. Raajheer1

    Guildcraft Status

    Hello! I would like to give some feedback upon the status of GC, from my standpoint on GC around the physical Minecraft servers I find that there is a huge lack of communication between the Head-Admins, aXed and the community. I think that we would start a yearly meeting that is in a discord...
  13. I

    Trading For Paypal Money

    We All Know That Trading Items For Paypal.Premuim Accounts.etc.. But There Is Pepole Are Poor That Needs IRL Money (Like meh) That really needs money irl and they cant do it cuz alot of proplems (Father.Mother.Age.etc) And those bois can get there selfes some money by making the paypal trade...
  14. iOwnYou_

    Minigames/ #LetsReviveGuildcraft

    As a lot of you loyal players may know, guildcraft has lost its huge player base in the last few months and i am planning to start a project to revive GC but to be able to do that i will need help from our great staff team and the owner himself Axed.we all know what minigames are so here are a...
  15. doYOUevenKNOWme

    Insta kill bug

    This bug happened to me when I was warping to End, there were no mobs there or anything I just simply died for no reason and thank God I got my stuff back too. According to other players it has happened to them too but I have no recording of it happening since it happened all of a sudden.
  16. D

    Why I cant login

  17. ranking888

    Have a up problem

    i cant in to guild craft I tried the 2 ips org/nl What I can doing now it’s the reset I have earn money!!!!
  18. deex

    Changing shop details

    I think that @aXed should change shop details. I mean for example when you want to buy Donator, it shows this kit : http://prntscr.com/k8r79g ; instead of the real one. I think many ranks have some details that are not sticked with them right now. I guess it would help people if they know...


    I know we are getting ready to reset but REALLY! An Admin unclaimed my spawn plot so another player could claim it and take all my stuff. If this is going to happen WHY the hell would I keep playing or bother buying perks and ranks for players to help support GC? I have NEVER BEEN OFF more...
  20. xXWitherBoyXx

    Messaging Glitch

    Anyone else encountered this shit? Its pissing me the **** off cuz now people constantly telling me I gotta change my prefix... but I love my damn prefix the way it is bruh. if anyone know how to fix this, comment down below... much appreciated. Aight well, I made it look better for myself...