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  1. Jkbb

    BoiFoi No kb and aura toggle on factions

    Name of Offender: BoiFie Name of offense : Aura And No kb Server : Factions (Original) Date and time : january 18th 4:30 EST Evidence: rekt
  2. forswornlad

    Player confirmation for title on forums

    There should be a way where you can confirm your player you use, and use the name for your character on the forums if you'd like, so since im Example (Vip) forswornlad It'll be pretty cool if it'll show your title/prefix on the website. It'll also make the names look cooler and more unique...
  3. vincentpham21

    [Factions Lottery] $Money Maker$

    The principle of this is principle sort of like an auction. It will be available for Legends and up. It can give a opportunity for all who are poor. They money maker will have a scale for money: Lottery:$100=$1000, $1000=$10000 It shall look like this similar colors of the auction...
  4. Jkbb

    Verdugo97 Using Aimbot Hacks in factions original

    Name of offender: verdugo97 Name of offense: use of hacks (Aimbot) maybe aura Server: factions original Evidence: Side note: his friend watercut should be punished for knowing of his friends hacks and using / agreeing to go out and break rules with him
  5. Jkbb

    ZAMMZZ Using No KB + Macro + Fly hax

    Name of offender: ZAMMZZ Name of offense : Use of hacks Server : Faction Date and Time: December 17th Evidence :
  6. Jkbb

    DUME_ Using Reach + FF + No KB!!! (Video Evidence)

    Name of Offender: DUME_ Name of Offense: Hacking Server: Factions Date and time: December 16th Evidence:
  7. Jkbb

    V3rn0n_Quadrant Using bunch of hacks! (video evidence)

    Name of offender: V3rn0n_Quadrant Name of offense: Using hacks FF+REACH Server: Potionpvp Date and time: Decemeber 14th Evidence:
  8. Jkbb

    Drew_Allen Toggleing reach /ff

    Name of Offender: Drew_allen Name Of Offense: Use of hacks (ff/reach) Server: Factions Date And Time: December 10th (Atleast for my provided evidence) Evidence:
  9. Jkbb

    Avalar using Smooth aimbot + KB modifier + MORE (MULTIPLE EVIDENCE)

    Name offender: Avalar, visible proof ( Read bottom aswell please <3) Name of offence: Multiple use of hacks/ghost clients Server: PotionPvP (Ranked Gapple Game (atleast for me)) Date and time: Friday December 4th (Around 2pm-4pm EST) Evidence: (IMG)...