1. donalddoyson

    Reviving PvP in factions!

    So as the title says, todays suggestion is directed towards reviving pvp. Many people whine and cry about it, so I decided to make a post. Suggestion number 1: Everyone goes for the drops, such as obsidian bows, or obsidian sets, or perhaps mythical keys. And depending on what time it is...
  2. CrazedCrush

    Account hack threat + ddos attack

    So im wondering is it possible my mojang account can get hacked?, because i heard many people have gotten hacked, yesterday i got threatened by 2 kids threatening to hack my account (CrazedCrush) and ddos me, whats weird is that my router was acting strange last night, it's like it was in...
  3. NinetyNine

    1 Question, but important enough.

    So heya! I've got this question for a while now. And I'm hesitating if I should download it. So here it is, Is the 1.7 animation that can break a block while eating bannable/allowed here? I just wanna know before I download it and face the consequences. Though, I do think that this is not...
  4. Bezo Da Ghost

    I Got Hacked, [Pls Pay Attention]

    So first of all ty for reading this. It all started 2 days ago, when a random guy called GrindingBeast /w me and advertised his server to me and said:" I need a mod in my server, come my server and u will be mod" I said okay. I joined his server and entered the same PassWord tht i use in GC...
  5. S

    problem in faction

    i won kit enchant from mythic key and when i type /kit enchant its still show u dont have it
  6. kidifi

    Kill aura on factions

    Name of offender: KalanoskY and Acika007 Name of offense: Kill Aura/Hack Server: Faction Date and time: (20-02-2017) (21:20) Evidence:
  7. Sketcher

    Factions need a Reset

    Hello boys, its me Sketcher.. Today i want to talk with you about Factios As all of us know, its time to do some changes to factions .. Since Igs made the server to be AFK 24/7 only, no pvp, no raids and its time to think about of a reset Aloot of people already Quit, due the fact that its...
  8. Daniboy609_

    Anyone know what's going on?

    So I can login to the server and all that but when I click any game to join like factions or practicepvp it takes me back to the lobby with no ''server full'' message or anything.
  9. QuestionMarks_

    TnT Wars

    A tnt wars mini-game would be a fun and exciting addition to guildcraft. youtube video It's a fun mini-game to play, but unfortunately, there aren't any servers that have a good tnt war mini-game, which would make tnt wars in guildcraft even more popular. The idea of this mini-game is to make...
  10. Whitou_noys

    Faction shop idea

    hello i have a faction shop idea to add in shop poppy's because you can sell only iron and no poppy's. And there is then a bigger chance to get richer in faction for the members. Thank you for reading whitou_noys
  11. X i a o

    [Prison] Selling account

    Name of offender: Antrikosss Name of offense: Selling account Server: Prison Date and time: [GMT+8] 8:50 PM - 1/27/17 Evidence:
  12. ICursed

    scamming in real money

    Name of offender: kikochazk Name of offense: scamming in real money Server: Faction Date and time: 2 days ago Evidence : It was agreed with this person on a 5 euros for 2.1M As it is shown in the pictures Then he said wait and i waited enought [i waited 2 days] then he ignored me...
  13. Sketcher

    When will be the SALE gone?

    Yo, just wanted to ask: Do anyone know for how long will the currect SALE last? i mean like, 7th January but will it last the Whole day? or just till 00:01 (aka in 5hours) or? Please, need the answer cuz i want to buy demi xD
  14. vincentpham21

    [PracticePvP] Knob1 Confirmed

    Name of offender: knob1 Name of offense: Killaura/Aimbot Server: Practicepvp Date and time: around 9:50-10:00PM Pst Evidence: 100% confirmed
  15. I


    CANT BELIEVE I GOT BANNED AGAIN! I AM NOT OMG123 I DONT HACK/KILLAURA I USED OMG123 TO HELP ME GET MY HACKED ACC BACK (ASK TheEpicRusher) NOW I GOT IT BACKK AND THIS ADMIN NAMED KROCKTAIL BANNED me cuz omg123 got false bann he didnt hack so i was on his acc ip matched and they perm banned my...
  16. donalddoyson

    Makin factions more fun!

    Hello to all readers. Today, I am making this post about 3 new suggestions @Vagif , @JingHanNN and @Zhac have thought of. ( Vagif is me xD ). 1. Levels. You may ask what that is for. I have this idea and it will allow the non-pay t owin people a chance for a better and more enjoyable time. I...
  17. vincentpham21

    Training staff to be Professional...

    I feel like 25% of Guildcraft staff are actually professional. My plan: New staff such as mods are trained by trained/professional admins There should be a bigger purpose for admins beside banning and helping... meaning more responsibility...
  18. Shadowrunner28

    Two Ideas

    So I was thinking and I thought of two things that would help guildcraft be better. My first one is Ender Pearl Cooldown. I want to have a cooldown timer on the right hand side where we can tell if we can pearl or not, like most big servers have. Its very helpful since sometimes when I'm...
  19. vincentpham21

    [Faction Original]The most racist Faction

    Name of offender: JewControl (Faction) Frutzi Name of offense: Racial Faction name Server: Faction Original Date and time: 7:32 PM pst 11/27/2016 Evidence: ALSO THIS MY 50TH REPORT EVER!
  20. vincentpham21

    Ban Evader/ Alts

    Name of offender: BosnianKnight /JesusChristus Name of offense: Ban evading / Alts Server: Faction Original Date and time: 2:49 PST 11/26/2016 Evidence: JesusChristus was banned for kill aura long time ago (3-4 months ago) perm banned! then I see this: