annihilation 1.0

  1. S

    Lost all my kits

    uhm hi guys, Im seoking19 and I am a super OG player since November 2014 and I remember everyday I would be grinding on Annihilation to get xp and I even bought xp last time (around 50000 I think ?). I took a super long break for like 3-4 years and now I decided to revisit the server then I...
  2. 1CAK

    Anni Kit Suggestion

    I'm gonna show you what kits i think should be added in anni 2.0 :D EDIT: -Destructor kits will charge 10 seconds for the haste effect and is cancelled if you or one of your nearby teammates get attacked -Destructor price is changed from 25000 XP to 40000 XP...
  3. ShadownHD

    [Anni Ability Suggestion] AfterLife

    Ability:AfterLife Icon:I Dont Know At The Moment Discription:After Youre Nexus is Destroyed And You Die You Can Respawn One More Time with 3 Of the items you pick to respawn with that you had youre last life What Do You Spawn With After respawning when Youre nexus died:You Get the same soulbound...
  4. AnthonyTom

    [Annihilation 1.0] Custom Names for Tools

    Hi Annihilation community Today, I would like to propose putting custom names in Tools for different classes. For example, Scout will have a Golden sword entitled 'Dagger of Speed', since Scout likes to dominate other classes with their own speed, not power; or Bow that Archer gets entitled...
  5. AnthonyTom

    [Annihilation 1.0] Buffing Zombie class

    I. Introduction Hi, I'm an regular Annihilation player with a regular amount of kits and Annihilation XP and I would like to propose buffing Zombie. Ok, so the Zombie class is the class with upgradeable melee attack damage, I mean, your fist's attack damage supposed to be equal to that of a...
  6. AnthonyTom

    [Annihilation 1.0] Private Enchanting table

    I. Introduction - Hello Annihilaton community, it's me with another suggestion (bad or good by you decide). Have you ever had yourself in a sticky situation when you put the Iron sword and try to aim for having Sharpness IV with 30 levels, then when you have those 30 levels from the Gold mine...
  7. AnthonyTom

    [Annihilation 1.0] Enchanter's Bio-shield suggestion

    I. Introduction - Life of an Enchanter is freaking damn hard. I mean, when I was in the gold mine and had almost 36 lvls to enchant my weapons and gears, suddenly ____Elsa____ , _StarBluePvP_ and one more player that I couldn't remember killed me in there, meaning that they 3v1 me in the gold...
  8. [Anni] Gargaman

    [Anni] Can anyone give any xp booster to me?

    Can any of you buy an XP booster for me? I have been having hard time getting XP and it takes like 1 year for 25k xp so if I get a xp booster when i mine the nexus you also will get XP. I really need this XP booster.
  9. MCNuggets_bruh

    Annihilation kit: BOMBER!

    Obliterate your enemies with tnt and also walls that get in your way! You can use tnt to blow up walls etc You get 1 tnt every 30 secs max of 5 No cool down:) You and your teamates are imune to YOUR tnt. Also you DO NOT need flint or redstone you sim0ly right click to throw tnt (a bit like...
  10. MCNuggets_bruh


    Use your clock to slow down your enemies and rekt them! Basically you right click an emey with clock wich gives them slowness 2 for 5 seconds there should be a 30 sec cool down and maybe a chance of no cool down if you kill your enemy. Kit should cost 25.000 xp gear: Stone sword Wood picaxe...