1. F

    [Survival] Alt Abuse

    Name of offender: Mikeel (Originally bombkiller) Name of offense: Alt abusing Server: Survival Date and time: Since approx. 18th October Evidence: None, as you cant Photograph alt abusing, but as soon as bombkillers Claim expired, he instantly "continued" to build
  2. xPandaHD ^^

    Faction Original Alt Aboos

    Name of offender: Faction named Kill Name of offense: Alt Abuse Server: Faction Originals Date and time: today, 6:39pm (philippine time) Evidence: Admins please check the ip of this guys
  3. SicarioDeMexico

    BurgerZilla have Alts

    Name of offender: BurgerZilla Name of offense: Alt Acconts And Ban Evading But not Really sure Server: Factions Original Date and time: 2/9/2016 Evidence: screenshots