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Prison Sumo Event


Hello ladies and gentlemen.

This Saturday, Prison is having an event!

Following the support we received from @Cookie_powers 's last events, we decide to make a Sumo event.

We have realized that you would rather playing spleef but oh well, this one may be more fun.

Here's some useful information you need to know.

Sub-Server: /server Prison
Date: 30th April
Day: Saturday

Time: (5PM GMT+3)

Everyone online will be able to participate by doing /warp sumo


1st Place:
20 EUR Coupon,
x1 titan set (the one from donateshop 250e piece) ,
x1 titan pickaxe level 5,
x1 titan axe,
x16 golden apples
750m in game cash
x1 Jackhammer bomb tier 2
2nd Place:
15 EUR Coupon,
x1 titan set (crate set) (the one from donateshop 100e piece) ,
x1 titan pickaxe level 4,
x1 titan sword,
8 golden apples
500m in game cash
x1 Jackhammer bomb tier 1
3rd Place:
10 EUR Coupon,
x1 god IV set (the one from donateshop 100e piece: except of chestplate/150dc), x1 titan pickaxe level 3, 4 golden apples 250m in game cash,
x3 moab bombs (from voteshop)

Big credits to @PipikosTube, @Null for helping me build the arena and @Cookie_powers for sorting prizes out with me.

Really hope to see you there lads, have fun!
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