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[Prison] Sumo Event


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Hello Prison Players!!

I have decided to host a sumo event in Prison. Basically the goal of this event is to knock off your opponent(s) to claim victory. It will be tournament based so there will be a series of 1v1 matches to decide who will be the winner the event. The final round will be best out of 3 incase any lucky hit are blown to instantly claim victory. After that, we will have some Free-For-All rounds where everyone will go into the ring at once and see who's the last one standing. Free-For-All will contain 3-5 round and we'll only be accepting 1 winner per round. :D

Event Details:

Date: Saturday May 15th, 2021
Time: 2pm GMT+1
Subserver: Prison
Host: Cookie_powers

Prizes For the Tournament

1st place

Boost to your next warp or 1B in-game-cash
10 Euro Gift Card
P8 Armor and Titan Sword, Bow, and PvP Axe
1 Myth Key

2nd Place

Boost to your next rank or 1B In-Game-Cash
5 Euro Gift Card
Full Titan Set
1 Rare Key

3rd Place

Boost to your next rank or 1B In-Game-Cash
Full Titan Set
1 Uncommon Key

P.S. If you are max rank, you can choose a friend to boost instead. When receiving the boost, you'll receive the in-game-money in full regardless of what your balance may currently be. For example, if your boost cost 14B and you currently have 10B, you will still receive the full 14B

Prizes for the Free-for-all

All Winners will receive:

5 Euro Gift Card
2.5B In-Game-Cash OR Titan Level 5 Pickaxe

1 Uncommon Key

All other participants will receive 100M just for being a part of the event (Spectating Not included)

Thanks to drizzyamerica for helping with Event Setup/Prizes and
Thanks to Weap0ns and SycooBear22 for the build that will be used for the event
Screen Shot 2021-05-11 at 11.38.01 AM.png

Best Regards,