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[Prison] Reset 2023

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Hello everyone!
It's finally time for a new Prison reset!
Yes yes, the time has come!

We worked for quite a while on this reset, we took many suggestions into consideration, revamped many of our systems,
implemented awesome new features, and improved the pvp!

So what do we have in store for you this reset?

- Server will be based on Minecraft 1.19.4
- New spawn
- Bigger pvpmine
- Backpacks
- RETURN OF THE CELLBLOCKS! - 4 cellblocks where you can rent a cell
- There will be no plots world
- Player claims in free world (pvp will be disabled in claims)
- New and more balanced KOTH area with stats system and bow tower
- Lucky crates from mining
- Removed the following enchantments completely: Knockback, Thorns, Mending
- New and revamped wood mines
- Five new duel maps
- New duel kits
- Improved PvP
- Ability to give friends access to your ender chest
- Roullete is back
- New courtyard area
- New courtyard bosses (You will need a resource pack for that!)
- New donor perk for Hitman rank and higher: join & leave messages
- Golden apples are now rarer - you can no longer craft them
- Netherite has been completely removed
- Saplings are no longer obtainable or usable
- Reworked the crates
- Gang wars with a special arena!
- Kills leaderboard

Quite a lot we have planned.. In addition to the list of changes, we also plan to release a number of content updates over time, updates that will add new content that will make the reset even better! We already have great features planned for the content updates, so stay tuned!

So when will the reset be released?

The reset will be released at May 6, 2023 3:00 PM GMT+1
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