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[Prison] New reset!

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Hey everyone!
It's finally time for the prison reset you've all been waiting for, and this reset will mark the opening of the guildcraft resets season!
Over the next few weeks, all 4 main servers - Prison, Survival, SkyBlock, and Creative, will reset!

We have worked hard on this Prison reset, and got some exciting stuff coming!
So what we have in store this reset? Here is a quick overview:

• 1.18.2 based with 1.8 pvp (1.19 update will come as part of a content update)
• Adjusted rankups prices
• 20 prestiges (with 10 extra to be added in a content update)
• Revamped pvpmine
• Added donator mine (For terrorist rank and higher only)
• Return of the beloved casino system (jackpot, rps, and coinflip!)
• New roulette system
• Revamped and restyled spawn
• New rewards in crates
• New mob arena quest (The Quest of the Dark One)
• Cleaned and fixed several bugs
• Return of the Bosses (courtyard)
• Added /maxrankup
• Optimized knockback
• New anti cheat system
• New stats tracking system
• Gang fights (will be available with a content update)

New companions!
After so many years, we are finally adding new companions to guildcraft! We will be adding 9 (!) new companions, that will be available to purchase on the reset day!
Get ready to tame a giraffe, a tiger, or maybe even a dinosaur?!

The Quest of the Dark One:
This prison reset will be visited by Zorc, the Dark One. The players of prison will have to go through his test of courage,
and fend off against waves of his minions, in his own arena. If everyone manage to gain enough victories in his test, you will gain access to his own dimension, the Cortex,
in which you will face off against his most powerful servants, while making your way through to Zorc himself, and fight him off to save the world!
(This is a 2 part quest - the mob arena 'test' and the Cortex. The mob arena will be available right away, the Cortex part will be available in an upcoming content update)

Titan Pickaxes Timeout:
To make it more fair for everyone, titan pickaxes will not be purchasable from the vote/donate shops in the first 48 hours. They can still be won from crates though.

Special thanks to @smid59 & @EmmyVsEmm for their immense help in making this reset!

Prison will reset on Saturday, July 16th, 4 PM GMT+1
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