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[Prison] Content Update

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Hello everyone!
It's time for our first content update of Prison!

What will we add in this update?:

• Server will be upgraded to Minecraft 1.16.4
• New P11-P15 mines & rankups
• New pinata vote party - get more rewards from vote parties!
• New /pv system that won't break anymore (You won't lose anything no worries!)
• MOAB and Airstrike bombs will be added to /donateshop
• New small pvp arena near the pvp mine
• No, once again, we do not know when factions will be back, however it's being worked on, pls stop asking D:

The Prison server will go offline on Tuesday, December 8, at 12 PM GMT+1 time, for approximately 3 hours in order for us to apply the update.
Not open for further replies.