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[GuildCraft] Account Security

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Hey everyone, as you have probably noticed, some players & staff accounts got hacked yesterday and today.

Before I explain everything, let me be clear: Our passwords database was NOT leaked, it is protected in multiple ways and wasn't leaked anywhere.

The hack (and some of the botting) was performed by a blacklisted annihilation player called abdullah234 as many of you might know. He has been trying to harm our server due to him hating me personally for god knows what reason. The way he got players passwords was simply by going to a website that has information from multiple data breaches from several sites in the last few years, and he just got passwords from there. Sadly, most gc players have those passwords still set as their gc password, which is why he was able to hack into those accounts.

I would like to ask you all, please change your gc password right now by going to /hub and doing /changepw <oldpass> <newpass> - please make sure it is a secure password, with random letters and numbers, and I recommend to make it at least 16 characters long if not more. You can use this site: https://passwordsgenerator.net/ to generate a proper secure password.

If you are scared you won't remember your password, i'd suggest using a password manager to save it (and other passwords you have). I recommend using Bitwarden | DashLane | LastPass - those 3 are the best ones. In addition, I have installed a proper 2 factor authentication system on our lobby. When you log in, you can type /2fa to enable 2 factor authentication on your account. You will receive a map with a code and a barcode. Simply use your authenticator app on your phone (I recommend using Authy or Microsoft Authenticator) to scan the barcode, which then the app will generate a new 2fa code. Simple type /2fa <insert code from app without spaces> and you're all done. You will now be asked for that code every time you log into guildcraft. This is not mandatory to use, but really really recommended!

We will not be held accountable for any account breach from now on if you haven't changed your password and/or did not enable 2 factor authentication on your account. There will be no refunds and/or returns in any case unless specifically approved by the higher management of GuildCraft. Please follow the instructions above and make sure to secure your account.
Not open for further replies.