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[Annihilation] Content Update #2 - Back in Time

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Hello everyone!
It's time for our second content update for our Annihilation, The 'Back in Time' update!

After receiving feedback about several things in the 4.0 version of the game, we have decided to make a big change with this update.
So in this update, we have a big surprise for you: The 'Back in Time' update's main feature, is that we are going back to 1.8! Yes yes, Annihilation will once again be based on Minecraft 1.8!

We have made all the needed changes to the game for it to work on 1.8 properly, however there still might be some version conversion related bugs, so we ask that any bug you come across, please post it on our discord (#bug-report channel). Because of this, our Annihilation gamemode will remain in 'BETA' stage for a while longer.

In addition to the 1.8 update, we are also finally bringing back Annihilation Clans! You will once again be able to form a clan with your friends and teammates, and become the greatest clan of all!

With clans, you'll have:
• Clans with up to 9 players
• Clan kits
• Private clan chat
• Clan tag in chat
• Clan roles (leader, co leader, officer)
• Clan XP packages

Now, we are aware of the many requests for clan wars, and we want to make the best possible system for it, therefore it will take us a while to create such a system, which is why the clan wars feature will come as a separate content update in the future.

In addition to the update, we will host a Double XP Weekend event throughout the weekend!

Next content update will include new maps & new kits, stay tuned!

The content update will be released on Saturday, July 31st, at 1 PM GMT+1!
The event will start on Friday, July 31st, 1 PM GMT+1 time, and will end on Sunday, August 1st, 8 PM GMT+1 time.


version 1.8 will not last long .. mojang as it makes newer versions of minecraft and the older versions like a 1.7 1.8 they will start closing
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