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[Annihilation] Content Update #1


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Hello everyone!
It's time for our first Annihilation 4.0 content update!

This update will include 2 [kind of] new maps that will be added to the game!

Map 1: The return of TheOakV2 (ANNI-2 | Normal Mode)
The original TheOakV2 map that everyone loved and asked for it's return, is now making a comeback!

Map 2: Chalet (ANNI-3 | 1v1 Mode)
A new map that takes place in between 2 chalets that houses the two annihilation teams. Get ready for battle!

In addition to the new maps, we are also happy to announce we will host a double XP weekend event throughout the entire weekend! During this time, you will gain double XP for everything! On top of that, there will be a kit overload event, in which all kits will be unlocked for free for the duration of the weekend!

The content update will be released on Friday, July 2nd, at 8 PM GMT+1!
The event will start on Friday, July 2nd, 8 PM GMT+1 time, and will end on Sunday, July 4th, 8 PM GMT+1 time.