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  1. tpg01

    [Survival] The Last reset of 2020!

    That new pinata party is gonna be awesome
  2. tpg01

    My suggestions for the following reset on Survival

    Hi there, Let me start off by stating that if I get informed on the reset, I am unlikely to be able to share it because of confidentiality. But rest assured I will personally forward this thread to 3D, Kai, and xph. 23: When I dive deeper into this case, which I admit, I didn't when responding...
  3. tpg01

    My suggestions for the following reset on Survival

    Let me start by tagging @Lord_Kaioshin and @3DGx . Now for my opinions on each point: 1. Agree 2. Delta currently has a separate PvP arena which we added a few weeks after reset 3. I’ve heard this being tossed around, and I agree it’s better if it gets removed 4. Events are always fun 5. Last...
  4. tpg01


  5. tpg01

    I do, let's make 'em disappear >:)

    I do, let's make 'em disappear >:)
  6. tpg01

    Funny how these posts end up on the sidebar

    Funny how these posts end up on the sidebar
  7. tpg01

    New forum looking good :)

    New forum looking good :)
  8. tpg01

    survival delta, how to money 2020

    Pro tip: Please dont build big AFK farms thanks.
  9. tpg01

    Suggestion about a new command on both survivals

    Honestly, I don't feel the same excitement that you show to have. While it may be fun to hug other players, it doesn't add anything to the gameplay and such a minor addition would likely go unnoticed. With our current priorities this is unlikely to get implemented. On another note, I do want...
  10. tpg01

    [SkyBlock] The Official Reset!

    Tested and approved by tpg01fromNL
  11. tpg01

    Survival PVP Arena

    Kinda agree with you two. Even though survival isn't a pvp-centered gamemode, it's still good to have the option (1v1 me bruv). I'll just tag @Lord_Kaioshin and @xph11 because they have the say in this.
  12. tpg01

    SkyBlock Suggestion

    I suggest continuing this thread on CharBro's thread then. - Closed
  13. tpg01

    1 fps at spawn

    Interesting thing is that I am not experiencing any frame drop issues at spawn. Would you be able to share your general PC specs with us anyways? On another note, are there any abnormalities that you noticed at spawn that can help us find the issues? Was the lag worse in certain areas for...
  14. tpg01


    I also want to clear up the fact that xph actually did preload the chunks. Whether that went right or not I dont know, but at least he tried.
  15. tpg01


    Skyblock is a good server, but survival is better. Ain't that right @Aevox ?
  16. tpg01

    World download

    Or pretend that you want to play Arma 3 RP with him
  17. tpg01

    [Survival] The Official Reset!

    Oh hell yessss
  18. tpg01

    Clan bug

    I forwarded the bug to xph. Now we'll have to wait and see how this plays out.
  19. tpg01

    Keys do not work

    Sometimes spam clicking the crate also gives results.