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  1. xph11


    Dealt with ingame. - xph11
  2. xph11

    [Survival] WitheredToast has reported a player.

    Dealt with, thanks! - xph11
  3. xph11

    Welcome to our new website!

    Hello everyone, Welcome to our new and updated website! ---------- ✤ ---------- In the new site, you can find the following among other features: ---------- ✤ ---------- • Completely new look • Updated applications page • Updated vote page • New discord invites page • New bans page that is...
  4. xph11

    [SkyBlock] New reset!

    Hello everyone! It's been a long while, but we are now starting to get back on track and move forward, and we are happy to announce our new SkyBlock reset to start with! Here is some of stuff you will see in this reset: ---------- ✤ ---------- Reset will be based on Minecraft 1.16.5 (Will be...
  5. xph11

    [Annihilation] Content Update #2 - Back in Time

    Hello everyone! It's time for our second content update for our Annihilation, The 'Back in Time' update! After receiving feedback about several things in the 4.0 version of the game, we have decided to make a big change with this update. So in this update, we have a big surprise for you: The...
  6. xph11

    Goodbye | falsely banned

    Goodbye, make sure to stay away from kids and use lube!
  7. xph11

    [Annihilation] Content Update #1

    Hello everyone! It's time for our first Annihilation 4.0 content update! This update will include 2 [kind of] new maps that will be added to the game! Map 1: The return of TheOakV2 (ANNI-2 | Normal Mode) The original TheOakV2 map that everyone loved and asked for it's return, is now making a...
  8. xph11

    [Annihilation] Official 4.0 Update [EDIT: NEW RELEASE TIME!]

    Hello everyone! You've been waiting for it for quite some time now, but the wait is over - It's time for our new Annihilation 4.0! Our devs have been working for a very long time on recoding our entire Annihilation systems from scratch, which allowed us to repair every single bug we could find...
  9. xph11

    [GuildCraft] Account Security

    Hey everyone, as you have probably noticed, some players & staff accounts got hacked yesterday and today. Before I explain everything, let me be clear: Our passwords database was NOT leaked, it is protected in multiple ways and wasn't leaked anywhere. The hack (and some of the botting) was...
  10. xph11

    [Survival] The Last reset of 2020!

    There will be villagers and iron golems, however there will be a hard limit on them, the new economy will be based on mining and getting materials in different ways, and not based on villager and iron golem farms like the current reset.
  11. xph11

    [Survival] The Last reset of 2020!

    Hello everyone, You've been waiting for it for quite some time now, but the wait is over - Survival reset is coming! This will be our final reset of 2020, and we plan to bring you much more awesome content and games in 2021! What will we have in this reset? • Server will be based on Minecraft...
  12. xph11

    [Prison] Content Update

    Hello everyone! It's time for our first content update of Prison! What will we add in this update?: • Server will be upgraded to Minecraft 1.16.4 • New P11-P15 mines & rankups • New pinata vote party - get more rewards from vote parties! • New /pv system that won't break anymore (You won't...
  13. xph11

    [Creative] The official comeback!

    Hey guys, it's time for the first comeback out of many to come, and to start the comeback streak: Creative! After many people asked for it to be back, it's finally here! We have reworked the entire gamemode, made it more stable and efficient, and added more 'twists' to the server. What will you...
  14. xph11

    [GuildCraft] End of an era & A new beginning!

    Hello everyone, I'm making this announcement finally after many months I've been waiting to make it. Few days ago, the former owner, aXed, finally replied to my contact attempts, and finally transferred the rest of the things I needed in order to truly become full owner of GuildCraft. Before I...
  15. xph11

    [Prison] Reset!

    And apply too probably right?
  16. xph11

    [Prison] Reset!

    Hello guildcrafters! Yep, you read it right - it's time for another prison reset! 4 months ago, when the last reset was released, I realized it wasn't the best as I thought it is. Yes, it had nice stuff don't get me wrong, but it was either just too much or too complex. Sooner than I thought, I...
  17. xph11

    VPN Proxy Block on Anni

    Hello, I have added your ingame name + last known IP to the anti vpn whitelist, it should allow you to connect to annihilation now. Note: after checking your IP, I found out you have a dynamic IP, which means that at some point your IP will change and won't be whitelisted anymore, and we cannot...
  18. xph11

    [Survival Omega] The Official Release!

    You really think I'm working hard on making a whole new survival server just for getting money? Kinda sad it's coming from you. Survival is most likely the hardest gamemode to set up, it involves creating an economy from scratch, making new features, setting up new crates and other types of...
  19. xph11

    [Survival Omega] The Official Release!

    It's been quite a long time since GuildCraft had a new server opened in it, but no more! I'm happy to announce the official release of our new server, Survival Omega! As many of you already noticed, our original survival server has been renamed to Survival Delta, that was done so we can...
  20. xph11