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  1. PikaCrafterFan


    I've already said this on discord but this is the official way. I have resigned from all current staff positions effective immediately. It's been 2 years of staff, I have enjoyed them go by so rapidly, but people change and I've lost motivation for minecraft. I hope a more worthy head admin is...
  2. PikaCrafterFan

    Survival | Team Scavenger Hunt

    Information and Rules What is a scavenger hunt? It is a game in which teams are sent out in prepared islands to accumulate, without purchasing or using items stored, a series of objects from a list, the winner being the team returning first with all the items asked for. What items will we be...
  3. PikaCrafterFan

    Important Warning

    Lately, a player has been joining the server, messaging ranked players an IP and telling them to join that server to get 50 euros for free. And as you all know, that ranked player joins the server with the same password as GuildCraft and the owner of the server gets his password. The owner then...
  4. PikaCrafterFan

    [Eggwars] PikaCrafterFan has reported GodSkillz_

    Server: Eggwars Name of offense: Team-Killing. Name of offender: GodSkillz_ Date and time: A couple of minutes ago Evidence #1: Evidence #2: YouTube URL: Description/Explaining: I don't...
  5. PikaCrafterFan

    SOLO Eggwars

    Since they are re-working and updating eggwars, I would like to introduce: The new suggestion for: SOLO EGGWARS SOLO Eggwars would be a much more challenging idea for eggwars, having OP mode and normal mode, like usual eggwars. It won't depend on teamwork anymore, but on skills and...