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  1. Soga

    Is Toggle Sneak Allowed?

    Since when? Was there any announcement?
  2. Soga

    Is Toggle Sneak Allowed?

    Is it still allowed or now disallowed?
  3. Soga

    Necro Posting No spamming We ask that you please refrain from posting any form of spam, including duplicate posts and excessive 'useless' posts to increase your post count. If your thread/comment was deleted, it was for a reason. Do not re-post deleted...
  4. Soga

    Staff apps

    If you can't select it, it means the server doesn't need more staff at this moment. Try applying in a few weeks/months.
  5. Soga

    [Anni] YohanaSr has reported a player.

    Thanks for reporting.
  6. Soga

    [Anni] BlankSora has reported a player.

    Make a report after your unban request gets accepted.
  7. Soga

    100 hearts

    That's because xph was trolling.... :3
  8. Soga

    still no reply from my application? 10 days have passed
  9. Soga

    Ban evading...

    Thanks for reporting!
  10. Soga

    GG :D

    GG :D
  11. Soga

    Welcome back <3

    Welcome back <3
  12. Soga

    can i be member pls?

    Apply for Builder here: Requirements to see the application page: - You need at least 30 forum posts. - Your forum account must be 1 week old or older.
  13. Soga

    anni servers

    You have been banned for using illegal modifications. Thanks for reporting!
  14. Soga

    Axed can you try to fix the server

    This thread is about a week old. Please don't bump old threads :)
  15. Soga

    Ban Request [Skyblock]

    Upload it to and paste the link here.
  16. Soga

    Notice me admin senpai

    I have replied to your unban request.
  17. Soga

    [Anni] Hack report (AddMeInBro and mamadmudag114)

    @lonely76 and @EnchanterPvP Thanks for reporting !
  18. Soga

    [Annihilation] Report

    Thanks for reporting!
  19. Soga

    *URGENT* only h-a staff

    Unfortunately, we don't unregister inactive accounts. Please change your premium username after a month.