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  1. GoldenBoy20

    [Skyblock] Buy 6 euro (LAST)

    Nice trade and Good luck Hero :D
  2. GoldenBoy20

    Skyblock - Buy Tyrent (24 Euros)

    Op offer! Good luck :D
  3. GoldenBoy20

    [SkyBlock] Buying 14 - [SOLD]

    Nice Offer. Good luck :D
  4. GoldenBoy20

    [Skyblock]Buying 4 Euros :D (Donator-VIP)

    I want to buy 4 euros for ingame money :D Donator - VIP (4 euros) = 5 Million To msg me: IGN - GoldenBoy20 Discord - GoldenBoy20 Island Fly Offer already done by myself. Edited.
  5. GoldenBoy20

    Pickaxe Bug???

    So i found a cell in cb1 that was available to buy and it was rented before so there are chests inside it. I just noticed that a starter pickaxe for OP Prison is inside the prison server. Is this a bug????