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    i like how you're in a faction that no one in it is less ranked than legend and your complaining ;D;D;D
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    [Factions] Ganthic has reported a player.

    Server: Factions Name of offense: Hackusation Name of offender: Snakeeyes Date and time: Just now Evidence #1: Evidence #2: YouTube URL: Description/Explaining: I firstly doubted if he was hackusating but then the rest of...
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    Add KB2 back

    when there was kb2 ''PLZ REMOVE KB'' and when they removed it ''PLZ READD KB'' i dont understand
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    Ways make the server kinda more friendly with member-ranked players and more pvp active

    yea mybad didnt think about them till yesterday but you know some of them can be added at any time :D
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    [Factions] SnakeEyes has reported a player.

    im SALTing over my own mistake? wtf is wrong with your brain? menno insulted me then i insulted him back then this guy comes and reports me but not menno idk if that sounds like a guy who wants chat to be clean?? lol its not even a bigdeal you both just want to be annoying go ahead get me banned...
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    Ways make the server kinda more friendly with member-ranked players and more pvp active

    Alright lets start this real quick 1- remove strength OR add fixhand signs for a friendly price we don't see much pvp (not talking about legend+ ranked players) because of how annoying it could be to constantly grinding iv sets or fixing them because when 1 member gets an iv sets (normally...
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    [Factions] SnakeEyes has reported a player. mind your own buisness you are such a faggot for reporting me but not him staff wannabe
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    Faction reset

    aXed there are many changes that could have been better and please could you realise that we are the players not you so can you please listen to us???????????
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    I'm Peachiie.

    with this grammar i say this man will get staff next week
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    Faction Reset 17 February

    Says no reset *2 hours later* reset on 17th of feb
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    HCF [Hardcore Factions]

    with gc admins that are active af? GRREEATT IIDEEAAAA BRO +1