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  1. KryptoRC

    [Annihilation 3.0] The official release!

    HYPEEEDDDD Warlock is getting destroyed tho lmao
  2. KryptoRC

    viper too op

    Yeah I agree. Ion kit is useless compared to viper
  3. KryptoRC

    Dragon Slayer, Thief, and Spartan Kit

    I really like theif and spartan, but idk about dragon slayer
  4. KryptoRC

    Event Suggestion: Harness

    I was reading @TheCatsKing ’s suggestion for deflector kit and I came up with an idea. *credits to him Harness Event All kits are allowed, and most aspects of Anni remain unchanged. The only factor that contrasts with the regular annihilation game mode is that ALL players, regardless of...
  5. KryptoRC

    [Feedback] General Balance Suggestions

    Huh what does my ion suggestion have to do with dryad? They should buff dryad though. Ion and dryad are barely used.
  6. KryptoRC

    [Feedback] General Balance Suggestions

    I agree with your second point. As to your first point, I completely disagree because the whole point of ion kit (IMO) is to sneak behind the player after you ionize them to hit them a couple of times before they realize which direction the hits are coming from.
  7. KryptoRC

    Make Kits Price As Before.

    Maybe we should just have kit overload more often. And no cool down as a bonus
  8. KryptoRC

    OG Boy Coming Back

    Yeah I'm pretty sure his ping was far worse than 300 Haven't seen you on the servers anymore. Y?
  9. KryptoRC

    [Kit Suggestion]: Buff Transporter

    A few days ago I spent 20,000 xp on a kit that does is boring to play with and does not receive any benefits. I bought the transporter kit because I originally thought that the system would give me xp as an assist whenever someone I transported killed someone from another team. However, this...
  10. KryptoRC

    Hi, I'm an anni OG

    I have no idea who you are and I played anni before Reida did so... Anyways, welcome back. I'm also starting to play now. Annihilation is still fun :D
  11. KryptoRC


    We went from hating each other to trucing :) I also improved in pvp bc of you :D Gl in life!
  12. KryptoRC

    Feedback on kits

    +1 for all the suggestions
  13. KryptoRC

    Waller Kit

    I actually like it +1 Waller sounds lame though
  14. KryptoRC

    looking for anni legends

    VatVat bumped it
  15. KryptoRC

    looking for anni legends

    Ew the east side @PizaCraft1 accept me. You know my play style and weve seen each other in game tons of times before I quit 2 years ago. I've started playing more cause I've finally realized that it's not so boring :D. I know I started playing a pretty long time before the second lobby came...
  16. KryptoRC

    [Anni]Need members

    @J3nForLyfe you should come back. Although the kits and xp got reset, anni is still fun. And now there are more players. Even Griffin still plays (and Fercruz I guess).
  17. KryptoRC

    Resigned lel

    Nooooo play anni again! We gotta reassemble
  18. KryptoRC

    Cross teaming

    Hmmmmm. +1 for the post
  19. KryptoRC

    Random team creator.

    @Swag_Fox Completely agree. Even though joining the good team guarantees a win, it’s not fair for everyone.
  20. KryptoRC

    Quitting... [NOT CLICKBAIT]

    Bye salty kid. Jk